Top Reasons to Attend The World Forum for FDI


Hear from the Experts:  Learn from panels of thought leaders from leading companies about current economic trends, future drivers that are powering tomorrow’s economies, why protecting intellectual property has never been more important and why artificial intelligence will continue to soar. Additionally, explore the modern workforce and how to retain top talent with continuously shifting expectations. Hear from economists, futurists and site selection experts discussing how global issues are impacting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Understand how the new Silk Road could have a massive impact on global trade and investment.  Lastly, have the opportunity to speak with top executives who are experiencing similar challenges and how they overcame them to experience significant wins.

Be Inspired: Be among the select few to have an opportunity to hear from these industry luminaries sharing their knowledge, experiences and tips – designed just for you.

Expand Your Network: With more than 300 attendees, and multiple networking receptions, this conference is a networking jackpot. You are an integral part of the very important dialogue that will help propel FDI through the coming decades. This is the can’t-miss economic forum for anyone with an interest in this region’s, or this country’s, economic future.

Improve Your Skills: One of the goals of The World Forum for FDI is to provide you with tools, information and resources that you can immediately put into use. You can quickly enhance your expertise and knowledge, and apply what you learned immediately to your organization.

Experience: As the largest city in China, Shanghai serves as the most influential economic, financial, international trade, and cultural center in East China. No other city in the country is more vibrant, fascinating or has such a unique colonial history. Shanghai, literally 'above the sea', is a port city on the Huangpu River. Originally, a fishing and textiles town, the city gained its identity after it was opened to foreign powers by the 1842 Treaty of Nanking. Now Shanghai is a world renowned international metropolis drawing increasingly more business and tourism attention globally. In addition to its modernization, Shanghai offers the perfect blend of cultures, with traditional cuisine and attractions to the unique skyline of newly developed skyscrapers to preserved historical buildings.  Western customs and Chinese traditions intertwined make the city unforgettable