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FDI Awards

The FDIA Awards 2014 will be presented at the WORLD FORUM for Foreign Direct Investment in Philadelphia 16 — 18th June, together with Site Selection's five regional BEST TO INVEST Awards.

Nominations are now open until May 16th in the following categories for the 2014 awards:

Website of the Year

All nominations are welcome and any website related to FDI may be entered, including those of consultants and intermediaries as well as multiple nominations and self-nominations are permitted.

Contestant websites will be judged on:

  • Ease of navigation
  • Frequency of information updates
  • Relevance: provision of standard essential information regarding: workforce, operating costs, infrastructure, immigration and labour legislation, tax, licences, permits etc
  • Clarity and accessibility
  • Ease of identifying relevant staff contacts for specific queries (phone, email, web etc)
  • Speed of response to web enquiries
  • Testimonials and lists of foreign companies by sector and country of origin
  • Attractiveness
  • Additional and original features

Destination of the Future

a) for energy intensive industries
b) for water intensive industries

Nominations accepted from:

  • corporate investors with existing operations or plans to invest in a given location
  • corporate investors that are considering a future investment in the location
  • consultants
  • FDI Association member EDOs and IPAs that wish to nominate themselves.

Multiple nominations are permitted

Judging criteria include:

  • natural resources available
  • commitment to alternative supplies where natural resources are not abundant
  • local infrastructure
  • specialised local expertise and education
  • regulatory framework including lengthy permitting procedures, national champions, barriers to entry
  • an assessment of potential risk from third party forecasters
  • survey results from global corporate decision-makers regarding future investment intentions

The judging panel will include consultants from around the world such as Andreas Dressler, Managing Director, TERRAIN Global, Jason Hickey, President, Hickey & Associates, Yin Hong, National Director & Head of Manufacturing Services, China, Jones Lang LaSalle, Roel Spee, Global Leader, Plant Location International (PLI) Global Location Strategies, IBM Global Business Services, Shirar O'Connor, Principal, The Pont Group, Robert Pittman, Senior Principal, Janus Economics, David East, Director | fDi Intelligence, Patrick Dine of PSD Global Inc., Denis Meseroll of Tractus Asia and Barry E. A. Johnson, Principal/Head of Inbound Investment & Global Market Access, 32 Advisors, LLC

2013 Award Winners

FDI Deal of the Year — Louisiana Economic Development

FDI Agency of the Year — IMG-Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt

FDI Destination of the Future — Business Birmingham

Most Innovative FDI-Attraction Incentive Programme of the Year — Berlin Partner GmbH

FDI Politician of the Year — Governor Terry Branstad, Iowa Economic Development Authority.

  • "I was very pleased with our participation at The World Forum for FDI in Sharjah, especially our sponsorship and the great exposure it provided. The panel discussions were very interesting, and the networking was excellent. I also enjoyed the location and culture"

    — SMatej Skocir, Head of Sector, Internationalization and Foreign Direct Investment Division, SPIRIT Slovenia

  • "Thank you very much for the invitation and the perfect preparation of the event. It was a pleasure to participate"

    — Steffen Tutschka, Vice President Mergers & Acquisitions, Benteler International AG

  • "We very much enjoyed our visit and I did take away many new thoughts/ideas"

    — Greg Head, Corporate Secretary, Kobe Aluminum Automotive Products

  • "Panelists made in-depth sharing of their experience and thoughts, and were quite consistent with what we hear from our multinational clients when supporting them on projects around China"

    — Yin Hong, National Director & Head of Manufacturing Services China, Jones Lang LaSalle

  • "Thanks for your hospitality and the forum was fantastic"

    — Abigail Wang, Executive Vice President, Orica

  • "Many thanks for the assistance provided to attend the Forum. You and your colleagues did a great job to put such an event together, and also related activities such as site visiting and networking. I enjoyed the time in Shanghai, talking at the conference, and understanding the recent trends and issues on FDI. It was also great to meet and know more people working in different fields from various countries"

    — Jinlong Ma, Principal Consultant, DNV Kema

  • "I enjoyed the opportunity to participate. I thought the entire event was extremely well run. You have a solid crew and they did a first rate job. Congratulations on a very successful event"

    — Mark Beattie, Principal, Hickey & Associates

  • "Great leadership and teamwork, good practical programme, speakers and content, great service"

    — Steve Lee, LED

  • "I was very impressed with the entire contingent [of speakers]"

    — Jeff Troan, Executive Vice President, Lockheed Martin LMCP&FS

  • "Excellent as ever"

    — Rene Siegl, Managing Director, ABA

  • "The content of the conference was very interesting"

    — Elena Laburu, Investment Project Manager, IPEX- Invest in Castilla La Mancha